To say I love what I do would be a major understatement! From the people I meet to the content we create together, there is always something new and fun. From my very first art nude shoot, I have been hooked on Intimate Portraiture. Originally focused solely on Landscapes, this change started with challenging myself to shoot people. My (ongoing) project was aimed at capturing the body modifications people wanted to share and just took off from there! A few years later and I am beginning my adventure anew in the Midwest, looking to bring my brand and style to you.

Inanimacy Photography is devoted strictly to Intimate Portraiture. This can take many forms for different folks, ranging from Boudoir all the way through to Erotica, with no wrong answer. My focus is to capture the sensual, the details and encourage you to be comfortable with yourself! From gifts to ourselves or to loved ones, a session is more than just some photos but rather a unique and personal experience. 

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